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Reusable Containers (Experimental)


Reusable Containers is still an experimental feature and the behavior can change. Those containers won't stop after all tests are finished.

The Reusable Containers feature keeps the containers running between test sessions. In order to use it, manual container lifecycle instrumentation should be used by calling the start() method and it needs to be manually enabled through an opt-in mechanism. In order to reuse a container, the configuration of the container must not change.


Reusable containers are not suited for CI usage and as an experimental feature not all Testcontainers features are fully working (e.g., resource cleanup or networking).

How to use it

  • Define a container with withReuse(true)
GenericContainer container = new GenericContainer("redis:6-alpine")
  • Opt-in to Reusable Containers in ~/, by adding testcontainers.reuse.enable=true
  • Containers need to be started manually using container.start(). See docs

Reusable Container with Testcontainers JDBC URL

If using the Testcontainers JDBC URL support the URL must follow the pattern of jdbc:tc:mysql:5.7.34:///databasename?TC_REUSABLE=true. TC_REUSABLE=true is set as a parameter of the JDBC URL.