MySQL Module

See Database containers for documentation and usage that is common to all relational database container types.

Overriding MySQL my.cnf settings

For MySQL databases, it is possible to override configuration settings using resources on the classpath. Assuming somepath/mysql_conf_override is a directory on the classpath containing .cnf files, the following URL can be used:


Any .cnf files in this classpath directory will be mapped into the database container's /etc/mysql/conf.d directory, and will be able to override server settings when the container starts.

Adding this module to your project dependencies

Add the following dependency to your pom.xml/build.gradle file:

testImplementation "org.testcontainers:mysql:1.16.3"


Adding this Testcontainers library JAR will not automatically add a database driver JAR to your project. You should ensure that your project also has a suitable database driver as a dependency.