General Docker requirements


Host Operating System / Environment Minimum recommended docker versions Known issues / tips
Linux - general Docker v1.10
Linux - Travis CI Docker v1.10 See example .travis.yml for baseline Travis CI configuration
Linux - Circle CI (LXC driver) Docker v1.9.1 The exec feature is not compatible with Circle CI. See example circle.yml for baseline CircleCI configuration
Linux - within a Docker container Docker v1.12 See Running inside Docker for Docker-in-Docker and Docker wormhole patterns
Mac OS X - Docker Toolbox Docker Machine v0.8.0
Mac OS X - Docker for Mac 1.12.0 Support is best-efforts at present. getTestHostIpAddress() is not currently supported due to limitations in Docker for Mac.
Windows - Docker Toolbox Support is limited at present and this is not currently tested on a regular basis.
Windows - Docker for Windows Support is best-efforts at present. Only Linux Containers (LCOW) are supported at the moment. See Windows Support

Docker environment discovery

Testcontainers will try to connect to a Docker daemon using the following strategies in order:

  • Environment variables:
  • Defaults:
    • DOCKER_HOST=https://localhost:2376
    • DOCKER_CERT_PATH=~/.docker
  • If Docker Machine is installed, the docker machine environment for the first machine found. Docker Machine needs to be on the PATH for this to succeed.
  • If you're going to run your tests inside a container, please read Patterns for running tests inside a docker container first.